Uncapping machine with chain feeder 230V, closed circuit, on a stand – MINIMA LINE


The fully automatic uncapping machine on a stand with a chain feed is a honey producers best friend.

Our uncapping tables are made of the highest quality stainless steel. It is fully resistant to acids and does not chemically react with honey. Our devices are also equipped with a drive with an engine speed of 1,400 rpm.

These stands are designed to be used 50kg/h and 100kg/h extruders or with an capping tub sitting underneath -alternately one of our plastic uncapping tubs work well to catch the cappings.


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Uncapping machine with closed circuit, 230V, with chain feeder – MINIMA LINE

Uncapping machine supporting structure:

• acid-resistant stainless steel

Uncapping drive:

• power supply – 230V

• engine – 0.25 kW

• engine revolutions – 1,400 rpm

Heated blades: closed circuit

• consists of:

– stainless steel tank with a heater

– hose supplying liquid to the knives

– control box

• dimensions: 420 x 500 x 390 mm

• power supply: 230 V

• heating power: 2000 W

Uncapping machine dimensions:

• length – 900 mm

• width – 800 mm

• height – 700 mm

Table construction:

• stainless steel

• legs – powder coated

• valve – stainless steel flap valve

• stainless screens – 2 pcs.

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Weight 105 kg