Solar Wax Melter – Large


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Advantages of the solar melter:

– body made of acid-resistant steel

– high durability

– cover made of resistant plastic focusing the sun’s rays

– dirt trap mesh

– adapted to each type of frame

– handles in the cover and on the body

– heats up very quickly under favorable conditions

– possibility of connecting a steam generator

– compatible with a dedicated stand (sold separately)

– the possibility of using the melter also for disinfecting frames and small beekeeping equipment

– Polish product

External dimensions:

  • width – 55cm
  • height – 20.5 cm
  • length – 92cm

Tub dimensions (for placing frames) :

  • width – 50cm
  • length – 77cm
  • height – 5cm
  • Number of frames: WL – 3 pcs, D / WP – 2 pcs.

Solar melter – as the name suggests – heats up thanks to the sun’s rays and does not require any additional power supply. It is very practical and economical at the same time, and these features certainly make it the most popular choice among beekeepers.

The wax melted in the solar melter is brighter thanks to UV rays. By the way, it is also sanitized. Like frames and small beekeeping equipment, placed in the melter chamber and subjected to high temperature. The melter can also be used in unfavorable weather conditions by connecting a steam generator (sold separately). The cover of the device is made of a special plastic focusing the sun’s rays in order to use energy most efficiently. As a result, the inside of the melter heats up very quickly when it is exposed to the sun. The handles installed in the cover and the melter body facilitate its operation and carrying. Inside the solar melter chamber, there is a metal sieve to trap debris. This design allows the recovery of clean wax that flows into the tub and does not come into contact with the frame. To make the work of inserting and removing frames and pouring wax more convenient, you can also purchase a dedicated stand for the solar melter. It is an ideal solution for beekeepers who care about the comfort of work.

Warranty 2 years

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 92 × 55 × 20.5 cm