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Natural bee products

The Honey Therapy and BEE & SOAP LYSON brands will enable you to move to the world of natural and bee products. Special moulds are our latest offer. They enable you to create your own hand-made bee soaps using, incl. glycerine base, delicate cosmetic additives and floral, aromatic dried material. The main quality of our moulds is the fact that you can use them repeatedly. The final product can be developed in terms of colour and its aroma. You can also use beeswax and honey to make soaps. These products contain vitamins, amino acids, esters and organic acids; and in that they are an abundant nutritional material for human skin, which effectively contributes to the reconstruction of the epidermis. The presented moulds are dedicated to the whole family – in their preparations, we focused on the integration of people preparing the above soaps. One of the possibilities of spending leisure time together and imaginatively may be preparing soaps with children, relatives and friends.

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Making bee soaps is a good fun for the whole family

It can turn out to be a great fun for every age group, and also be a step to create and build pro-ecological attitudes among the young generation.  Moulds will enable creative activities, stimulating creativity while taking into account the educational character of common integration for the youngest. As a result of these activities, we can obtain soaps made entirely by hand. Thanks to this, we know the ingredients which were used in the process of making soaps. We can also develop recipes of the composition. However, the most important fact is that we know exactly with what we actually wash our skin. The time which is spent on the production of the final product lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. You can successfully use aromatic seasoning. The soaps produced in this way are fantastically efficient and do not dry the skin – they make it regenerated and moisturised. You can pack these soaps in stylish greaseproof paper, available in our additional offer. It also includes creative hand-made sets supplemented with many additions which improve the production of soaps.

Innovative and creative gifts

The set as well as separate moulds can become an amazing and attractive gift on many occasions. They can be given as, for example, a Christmas gift for loved ones. They also work well as gifts given during awaydays and business meetings. The final destination of sets and moulds will depend only on your needs. They fits perfectly almost every event. Our product is an extraordinary, creative and innovative solution, available to everyone. Thanks to the moulds, you can create products that care for your skin, stylish and effective products which are fully eye-catching and memorable. We encourage you to pay attention to the components which complement our moulds. Thanks to them, you will get attractive composition possibilities, which expand your adventure with bee products. Available additions in our offer include, incl. various types of glycerine bases, natural honey, beeswax, dried flowers and numerous stains. The moulds are made of Soft PCV material.

Additional purpose of moulds

The presented moulds are also perfect for decorative elements made of other materials such as: ceramic gypsum, epoxy resin, soya wax, soap base, creative concrete, paraffin wax and palm wax. Thanks to our experience, you get the power of a flowerful meadow and natural ingredients based on bee products.  We have been relying on nature for many years because it knows well what we need. We share with you what is perfect. Therefore, we encourage you to use products from the Polish manufacturer. By trusting the Honey Therapy and BEE & SOAP LYSON brands, you trust nature.

Product advantages:

– moulds can be used many times

– you do not need to use additional specialised equipment to make soaps

– our offer includes unique patterns of moulds

– they are light and easy to use (easy to remove soaps from the mould after completing work)

– material which is used for making the mould is flexible

– moulds are designed for washing in a dishwasher

– can be used for making wax candles and decorative elements from other materials

Moulds enable making elements of materials such as:

– soya wax

– soap base

– creative concrete

– ceramic gypsum

– epoxy resin

– palm wax

– paraffin wax

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