Silicone Mould – Beeswax Bar 1Kg


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Silicone moulds are made of flexible and durable silicone with plastic properties that enable their multiple use.

Before refilling the mould with liquid wax, it is recommended to spray it with silicone spray. Silicone is also a preservative for the mould and a factor that facilitates the removal of ready-made candles.

The variety of the offered patterns of forms will ensure you prepare a candle for any occasion.

Ready beeswax candles can be freely decorated with the recently popular decoupage technique or natural products, such as coffee beans, etc.

The prepared candle can be gently sprayed with silicone spray, which will give it a glow.

During the preparation of candles, you can “ennoble” the candles a little by adding aromatic oils intended for candles to the still liquid wax. Candles made in this way will be an extraordinary decoration, as well as an original gift for family and friends.

Recipe how to make a beeswax candle in a few simple steps:

You will need:

»A silicone mould,

» A wick of appropriate thickness, matched to the size of the candle (the larger the candle, the thicker the wick)

»rubber band

» toothpick

»silicone spray (optional) The mould can be sprayed inside with silicone spray if it is more difficult the pattern will be easier to remove.