Copper smoker – BeeTools – H: 31cm


Copper smoker – BeeTools – H: 31cm

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Copper smoker – BeeTools – H: 31cm

Smoker – a must for every beekeeper.

Smoker is one of the most important beekeeping devices. It is useful during honey picking but also during various beehive works. The Smoker is smoke-free, calms bees by making them pass up the hive. Smoker means that we can start beehive work without any fear, without being exposed to the attack of bees. Smoke bees are not aggressive and we can easily proceed to honey picking.

Smoker have been used for generations. The original form of the Smokerwere rotten, dry trees.

Currently, special fuel is used for smokers, which, depending on the type, may have, for example, a nice lavender smell. In our offer you can also find ordinary pressed fuel.

Operation of the Smoker is very simple, we light the fuel at the bottom. When thick, light smoke appears, we close the Smoker lid. Then introduce smoke coming from the vacuum cleaner into the hive.

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