Capping extruder – 50 kg/h


W20970 – Uncapping extruder 50 kg/h

The device is intended to separate the honey and press the uncapped honey in a mechanical manner. This process occurs inside a perforated cylinder, where a rotating separating and pressing module presses the honey which gets through the orifices between a separating shaft and perforated steel plate and drains on a sieve located underneath.
The remaining wax is moved and pressed by a tamarind screw/worm inside the extruder and moved outside. In this manner we end up with dry wax ready to be melted and filtered honey ready.

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Product line PREMIUM
Power supply 230V
Power 0,55 kW
Efficiency 50 kg/h
Dimensions 410x1050x680 mm
RPM max 14 rpm
Warranty 2 years

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Weight 45 kg