Automatic feed uncapping machine, 230V, with closed circuit


The Automatic Feed Uncapping Machine is an essential tool for efficient honey extraction. With a 230V power supply and a closed circuit design, it ensures smooth and continuous operation. Save time and effort with this automatic uncapping machine, designed to streamline the honey extraction process.

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Uncapping table with an automatic feeder (230V) with a closed circuit (on a rack)


Knife drive motor power – 0.18kW
Chain drive motor power – 0.12kW
Chain rotational speed – 9 rpm
Closed circuit water heated blades
Capacity – 4 frames / min
Table from the length of 1500mm, equipped with wheels and two perforated baskets for cappings

For the table, we also recommend wax extruders which are made of very good quality materials, in our offer you can find solar melters, and steam melters that facilitate melting wax

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