6-frame beehive American Langstroth


6-frame beehive American Langstroth

*We recommend painting with water-based, UV resistant exterior house paint prior to use to ensure longevity of beehive

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The Lyson 6 frame nuc is made of sturdy high-density polystyrene and holds six deep frames (not included).

The frame rests are reinforced with plastic and both the bottom board and outer cover are ventilated.

The outer cover has multiple closable vents to allow plenty of ventilation in any season.

Included metal latches hold the cover in place. The entrance can be set to queen excluder mode, fully closed for transport (flip over), or wide open (remove sliding plastic piece).

Advantages of 6-frame hives:

  • great insulation – keeping bees warm in winters and cool in summer
  • increased bee productivity

Beehive designed for:

  • early spring splits
  • over-wintering nucs
  • insemination of queens/mating nuc
  • transporting bees

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