42 Frame, Radial honey extractor, Ø900mm, electric drive, OPTIMA


Introducing the 42 Frame Radial Honey Extractor, Ø900mm, electric drive, OPTIMA LINE. This high-quality honey extractor has a large capacity of 42 frames, making it perfect for commercial beekeeping operations. It’s carefully crated on a pallet to ensure safe arrival.

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Advantages of the Optima electric radial honey extractor:

– enables efficient extraction of honey

– holds up to 42 frames per batch

– double power supply (230 or 12 V)

– microprocessor DC motor speed controller equipped with several unique solutions improving the comfort and economy of the honey extractor

– does not require inverting frames

– quiet and efficient work

– drum made of acid-proof stainless steel

– driver on the side

– engine located under the drum

– powder coated construction elements

– elements in contact with honey are made of materials with PZH approval

– reinforced drum

– bearings

– stainless valve

– made in Poland

– Guarantee for electrical components, controller, motor and drive components 2 years

The radial honey extractor is made of acid-resistant stainless steel, powered by 230V mains voltage.

The drum is made of 0H18N9 acid-resistant stainless steel.

Radial basket made of stainless, acid-resistant rods.

Honey extractor with electric drive is powered by 230V mains voltage. The SDD system used is an advanced microprocessor-based DC motor speed controller. The regulator is equipped with several unique solutions – significantly improving the comfort and economy of the honey extractor. The honey extractors use a bottom drive with a belt drive and a 350W motor.


Radial honey extractor with a drum diameter of 900 mm and an electric drive Optima is recommended for medium-sized apiaries with several dozen hives. The extraction of honey in this type of device is carried out using centrifugal force. The slices in the drum of the honey extractor are arranged in a radial manner, hence the interchangeable name of the radial honey extractor as radial. During centrifugation, the honey is extracted simultaneously from both sides of the combs, so there is no need to invert the frames and spin them again.

The electric drive (from the mains or a battery) makes the honey extractor even more efficient – giving you time to uncap the next batch while the extractor is running.

Thanks to the double power supply, the honey extractor can be connected to the mains as well as to the battery (helpful e.g. in the event of a power cut or in an unpowered extraction room or shed).

The honey extractor is quiet and stable during operation. Such comfort of work was achieved, among others, thanks to the placement of the engine under the drum and the use of bearings in the lower and upper castings of the basket.

The drum of the honey extractor is reinforced and the structural elements are protected with paint (powder coated). All elements in contact with honey are made of materials that have been approved for contact with food and have the appropriate certificates.

The Optima electric radial honey extractor is very easy to use. The digital potentiometer used is very intuitive and it only takes a few clicks to change the honey spin speed settings.

The bottom has been profiled in the shape of a cone to facilitate the flow of honey towards the drain valve. This simple solution is also helpful when cleaning the device.

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