200L Wax sterilizer


The sterilizer is made of acid-resistant stainless steel. It is designed to perform the wax fusion process at the appropriate temperature to remove spores from different diseases. The temperature is manually regulated.

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Sterilization of beeswax is a very important to prevent and control disease in the beehive. This tanks main purpose is to eliminate microorganisms, and in doing so protecting the colony against dangerous diseases such as American foulbrood.

The LYSON insulated wax sterilizer is an excellent commercial grade solution for working on wax processing. Made entirely of acid-resistant stainless steel, it guarantees a long service life and increased resistance to external factors.

The double insulating jacket is a combination of the thermal insulation function of mineral wool on the outside and a water jacket on the inside which requires filling with food grade anti-boil/freeze. This reducing the risk of heat loss as well as eliminating excessive energy consumption.

Additionally, the insulating layer in the tank and lid protects the user from burns, thus increasing the comfort and safety of the beekeeper.

The set does not include transformer oil.



acid-resistant stainless steel 0H18N9
tank and cover insulated with mineral wool
3/4 “wax drain ball valve
water drain ball valve 1 ”
1/2 “medium drain ball valve
Capacity: 200 L


power supply 400V
power 6kW
temperature control range 50-180 ° C

external dimensions – 960 x 860 x H-1100mm
External Ø of the tank – 705 mm
Internal Ø tank – 583 mm

75 kg net

Heating medium:

glycol 100L or similar (not supplied)

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 1200 cm