12 Frame Radial Extractor, Ø650 mm, MINIMA Line


The 12 Frame Radial Extractor, Ø650 Mm, MINIMA Line is a premium electric extractor for beekeeping. Its radial basket design ensures maximum honey extraction, and it is made in Poland with the highest quality materials. It comes with a 12 frame electric extractor to streamline honey extraction.


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Product line: MINIMA

Honey extractor type: Radial

Drum diameter: Ø650

Power: 230V

Drive: electric, bottom

Controller: MDD-01


Thickness of the drum plate: 0.6 mm

Plexiglass: 3 mm

Valve: Plastic 6/4″

Top beam: A flat bar 10 mm, powder coated

The legs: Powder coated

The hinges: Plastic 4 pcs.

Drum height: 610 mm

Stainless steel rod: Ø8 mm

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Guarantee for electrical components, controller, motor and drive components 2 years

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Weight 45 kg